Expansion Soundpacks
for Yamaha arrangers

25 NEW Voices vol. 1 • for Yamaha
Genos, Tyros 5, SX900, SX700, SX600
PSR 975, 775, 970, 770, 670, A5000, A3000

WHITE Collection vol. 1
Price: 9.90 USD

25 NEW Voices vol. 1 Yamaha Expansion Packs

25 NEW Quality Sounds for your Yamaha arranger

Compatible with Yamaha Genos, Tyros 5, SX-900, SX-700, SX-600, PSR s970, PSR s975, PSR s770, PSR s775, PSR 670, PSR A5000, A3000
This listing is for a Pack Project File (.ppf) for Yamaha Expansion manager (YEM)
You can't just copy this file to your keyboard and add the new sounds.
You MUST follow the procedure established by Yamaha and create an Pack Installation File (.ppi) on Yamaha Expansion manager (YEM)
This is an expansion pack for your Yamaha keyboard.
Including 25 pro quality NEW quality sounds .
All sounds are made with NEW samples, not based on the samples of the keyboard.


1) Grand Piano EMU
2) Electric Piano U20
3) Funky Clav
4) Marcato Strings
5) Jazz Clarinet
6) Miami Brass Ensemble
7) Trombone
8) Hammond B3 Organ #1
9) Hammond B3 Organ #3
10) Jazz Organ
11) Drawbars Organ
12) Girls Chorus
13) Synth Choir
14) Accordion
15) Concertina Accordion
16) Celesta
17) Crystal Synth
18) Fantasia Bell
19) Ober Synth
20) Saw Synth
21) Acoustic Bass
22) Electric Bass
23) Rock Bass
24) Moog Synth Bass
25) 90's Orchestra Hit SFX
Price: 9.90 USD

I will send you a .ppf file in your e-mail address in no more than 24h after buy.
This is an electronic delivery digital product. NO usb, CD, DVD or other physical media delivery.
I sell ONLY the expansion pack NOT the keyboard itself.

Price: 9.90 USD

*** WARNING ***
You can't just copy the data to your USB drive and add the new sounds to your Yamaha arranger!!!
You MUST create an installation file merging the data we will send you and your keyboard ID (info file) to Yamaha Expansion Manager (YEM).
If you don't know how to do it or you don't want to invest 10 minutes to read your keyboards manual on how to do it DON'T BUY!
There is NO MAGIC WAY to install the new sounds you MUST follow this procedure.
We don't invent this procedure, this is a procedure created by Yamaha.

No affiliation with Yamaha. All product and company names are trademarks of their respective holders